Affinity Health


Finally, affordable primary healthcare for everyone!

Affinity Health is a leading provider of Affordable Medical and Health Insurance products to the South African Market.

Most South Africans don’t have access to professional quality and primary healthcare services due to the ridiculously high costs of private healthcare, and their inability to cope financially with rising medical costs. Through our knowledge, passion and expertise, we have changed that.

  • We offer you wide-ranging benefits at affordable prices
  • We offer an effortless claims process
  • A choice of medical providers and hospitals
  • Quick access to medical experts and specialists

We have been doing this a long time and we know that your needs are our needs. We know that everyone’s medical and healthcare needs are different, so we designed medical insurance policies that allow you to select only the cover that you need.

At Affinity Health we always say, “Simple, cost effective and proven.” This is why we focus on delivering affordable health insurance services to all South Africans.